About HMRM

Leading bulk volume supplier of all varieties of Pakistani Rice.

Who We Are

Our state of the art processing plant is located at Muridke often referred to as the rice bowl of Pakistan is known worldwide as high quality basmati rice producers and Pakistani rice exporters. The plant has the latest & most sophisticate machines incorporating world class technology for the production, inspection, quality control, storage & transportation of basmati rice. At present we have production capacity of 38.50 M.Ton per hour of high quality basmati rice.

We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. We believe in treating our employees as family, as they are our strength. We are committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. The Company is committed to quality management and continually strives to improve processes for its clients. In this fashion, we ensure that our quality goals and growth plans are met.

Our Location

Kamokey / Muredkey (Punjab-Pakistan) is one of the best basmati rice production and procurement areas, well known all over the world for its aromatic and extra long grain basmati rice. The land is being irrigated with the fertile water of CHANAB River flowing from Himalayas Mountain enriched with fertility and aroma. We procure Paddy from our world known Basmati patch of “Killa Kallar” area. Lush Basmati Paddy of this area has superb taste, aroma & extra bounce while it is cooked.

Why Choose Us

- As market places get increasingly competitive, it is natural for companies to look at more value-added, more cost-effective product offerings. HM Rice Mills is able to leverage its following strengths to offer an unmatched value proposition to the Private Label business.

- HM Rice Mills has globally-benchmarked quality assurance. HM Rice Mills has its own backward-integrated contract farming for coarse and basmati rice to ensure they meet all regulatory & food safety issues on pesticides, aflatoxins, etc.

- HM Rice Mills has acquired enormous processing/quality/packaging assurance capabilities and an extremely competitive product & range over the years.

- HM Rice Mills's lower cost chain enables supermarket chains to pass on a discount to end consumers and still enjoy better margins compared to what they would get from other suppliers of Private label Rice.

Staff Expertise

The staff of the company is highly qualified from the reputed organizations / institutions of the Pakistan. Each of staff members is a history maker in his relevant department. As we believe that, the staff members are assets of the company much we care them most they work hard for the betterment of the company like wise our staff believe that their future is concerned with the company.

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Strong Infrastructure

Haji Muhammad Rice Mills have their warehouses at Sadhoke, a town near Muridke, Pakistan. The company has a strong infrastructure, expertise, trained personnel and in-house facilities to fulfill all the requirements of its customers at one place.

No doubt our Strong Infrastructure of business is the only and key element in building a place to keep our customer bind together.

Customer Satisfaction

Haji Muhammad Rice Mills [HMRM] are committed to the complete satisfaction of its customers. The customer is the most important person in the entire business cycle at [HMRM].

Haji Muhammad Rice Mills [HMRM] views maximizing value as either increasing potential output or reducing cost of production. Moreover having a strict policy of not comprimizing on the Quality have made our products most demanding in the market and have won the satisfaction of our customers.

Business Approach

Haji Muhammad Rice Mills [HMRM] believes in maximizing profit for all stakeholders including its customers. Haji Muhammad Rice Mills [HMRM] views its business as valuing its customers and not just selling its products.

We at Haji Muhammad Rice Mills [HMRM] view change as the only constant thing and dedicate all our efforts to capture the global market through changing business strategies.

  •   G.T.Road, Sadhoki, Teh: Muridke
         Distt. Sheikhupra.
  •   92 -300 -874 -7999
  •   92 -333 -874 -7999
  • ceo@hmricemills.com

About HMRM

HMRM is one of the largest exporters of rice from Pakistan with majority of its sales comprising of the premium Basmati rice variety.

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