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Leading bulk volume supplier of all varieties of Pakistani Rice.

Quality Assurance

At HMRM, we are fully committed to produce high and premium quality basmati, parboiled and other types of rice according to or better than international standards for the extreme satisfaction ofour customers all around the globe. The process of quality control starts from cultivation of rice, and paddy procurement from farmers around the fertile lands of Pakistan. Highly strict quality control mechanism is place throughout the whole process, from shelling the paddy, to whiting and polishing process and then sorting it through our state of the art Rice Processing Unit.

To assure the quality assurance we have a high tech testing lab setup in our processing unit, supervised by rice experts. Rice quality is monitored, tested and assured at every step of the whole process to produce and maintain highest quality of rice.

At HMRM Quality is never compromised, and only quality packed rice is allowed in the local and international market.

Testing Lab

  •   G.T.Road, Sadhoki, Teh: Muridke
         Distt. Sheikhupra.
  •   92 -300 -874 -7999
  •   92 -333 -874 -7999

About HMRM

HMRM is one of the largest exporters of rice from Pakistan with majority of its sales comprising of the premium Basmati rice variety.

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