Printing Unit

At HMRM we are also running our very own Rice Bags Printing Department.

Supreme Finishing

Our product shins with a very supreme finish as the pure material is used to make it.


Easy To Carry

Our special design makes it easy to carry and store in the shelves.


Good Holding Capacity

Our designes are made in such dimensions that it can hold maximum product.

  • Rice Bags

    At Haji Muhammad Rice Mills (HMRM) we are also running our very own Rice Bags Printing Department which not only cover our own demand but also offer bags printing and manufacturing facilities for our customers.

  • Why Us

    Our Printing Unit is equipped with the world's best and most advance Technology and machinery and also with a high-tech and professional designing unit which causes to produce an extreme quality products hence resulting in the satisfaction of our customers.

  • What We Produce

    At our Printing Department we produce different kinds of rice bags which include all kinds of Jute, Cotton, Poly, Paper and Jeans bags which are high in quality in both the printing and material.

  •   G.T.Road, Sadhoki, Teh: Muridke
         Distt. Sheikhupra.
  •   92 -300 -874 -7999
  •   92 -333 -874 -7999

About HMRM

HMRM is one of the largest exporters of rice from Pakistan with majority of its sales comprising of the premium Basmati rice variety.

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