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Leading bulk volume supplier of all varieties of Pakistani Rice.

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Rice is an ideal food; delicious, energy giving, full of nutritious and easy to digest. White rice has about 80% starch. The rest is mostly water, plus protein and minute amounts of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B. Before a particular lot is purchased, it is subjected to various tests which include inspection by a team of experienced selectors and paddy-experts, tests for moisture contents, kett-test, field admixture etc. Samples are then processed in the mini mill to determine yield, kett-test and after-cooking characteristics.

A lot is purchased only when the end result meets the stringent quality parameters of the company. Rice is the staple food of south Asia and is well received by people all over the world. Hence production of best quality rice with taste, texture and appearance is the most important criteria in the process of production. The company takes pride beyond measure in ensuring this.

In its continued efforts towards providing best quality rice, the company ensures that the best quality rice grains procured from all the fertile delta lands meet a certain criteria at the time of procurement. In this highly technologically advanced world, the use of organic and Inorganic fertilizers has become common. In order to eliminate the dangers posed by the use of such fertilizers the company emphasizes on the suppliers either less or no use of insecticides or pesticides. In tandem with the interest of public of health consciousness, the company's policy has been to procure the best raw material to bring out a quality product.

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About HMRM

HMRM is one of the largest exporters of rice from Pakistan with majority of its sales comprising of the premium Basmati rice variety.

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