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About HM Rice Mill

About us

HM Rice Mills is a well-established company that specializes in the production of high-quality rice products. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations. With a forward-thinking approach, we are shaping the future of rice production and setting new standards for the industry
HM Rice Mills is a well-established company that specializes in the production of high-quality rice products. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations. With a forward-thinking approach, we are shaping the future of rice production and setting new standards for the industry

our vision & mission.


HM Rice Mill wants to establish Pakistan as the best quality rice-producing country worldwide in through the latest technology and futuristic approach


At HM Rice Mills, our mission is to furnish superior rice products, concurrently advancing sustainable growth and the welfare of our workforce and localities. We uphold conscientious business methodologies that bolster the environment and cater to stakeholders. Our relentless efforts are geared towards diminishing our ecological impact.


Although Pakistan produces the best rice among all other nations of the world, but our rice products are not getting the status they deserve in the European, American, and Middle East markets. 

Our work revolves around creating a world where Pakistani rice is the prioritized choice everywhere in the world. For that, we are doing research, experimentation, employing the latest equipment and technology, and implementation of the best results in Pakistan, as well as empowering the local farmers with the highest yield methods. Soon, we want to see Pakistan joining the ranks of the world’s top rice exporters.

With determination,

Amin Ullah Khan

CEO, HM Rice Mill

Our Philosophy

At HM Rice Mill, our philosophy is rooted in a deep commitment to excellence and trust. We believe in nurturing the finest quality rice through meticulous processes and unwavering dedication. With a legacy spanning decades, we prioritize transparency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in all our endeavors. Our philosophy is to uphold the rich tradition of providing top-tier rice products that resonate with the values of trust, authenticity, and superior quality.


Founded by Haji Muhammad in the early 1990s, HM Rice Mills start- ed as a rice trading business for the local market. In 1995, the com- pany launched its own white label trademark under the name 999. Later in the 1990s, Haji Muhammad established rice mills and began exporting to Central Asian countries. Today, HM Rice Mills has become a leading producer of premium-quality rice products worldwide. With a rich and storied history, the company is renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and cus- tomer satisfaction.By the grace of Allah Almighty, HM Rice Mills currently priceproducing over 125,000 metric tons of premium rice every year.

Haji Muhammad

Founder, HM Rice Mill

vision & mission

Our Core Values


We continuously seek innovative approaches to enhance our processes, products, and services, ensuring we stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.


Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships – we build and maintain trust with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.


Collaborative teamwork is at the heart of our success, fostering a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and


We are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence, striving to exceed expectations in every aspect of our

Our Achievements

Rich Legacy of Accomplishments

HM Rice Mills boasts a history of remarkable achievements.

Lauded Excellence

Garnered numerous awards and accolades for top-tier products
and services.

Unyielding Quality

Our commitment to excellence stands as a hallmark.

Innovative Triumphs

Acknowledged for pioneering processes that push boundaries.

Championing Sustainability

Recognized efforts in advancing sustainable practices.

HM Rice Mills

Global Presence

HM Rice Mills is one of the largest certified exporters of premium quality basmati rice from Pakistan, with a focus on catering to markets where quality is a top priority. 

By the grace of Allah almighty, our rice products have gained significant popularity in Europe, particularly through retail giants such as Sainsbury UK and Tesco UK. 

Moreover, KSA, UAE, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Central Asia, Somalia, and Malaysia are some of our major export destinations, where we have established a strong presence.



At HM Rice Mills, our unwavering dedication is directed towards promoting sustainable agricultural practices and uplifting the local community. Our commitment extends to empowering farmers by equipping them with high-yield rice seeds and offering valuable education on optimal cultivation methods. Through continuous research, experimentation, and the development of practical approaches, we actively contribute to the progress of farmers in Pakistan. We firmly believe that the prosperity of our farmers translates into the prosperity and strength of our nation.

Simultaneously, we prioritize the creation of a safe and supportive workplace for our employees. By nurturing a conducive environment, we aim to ensure their well-being and enable them to thrive professionally. We firmly hold the conviction that responsible business practices are integral not only to our long-term success but also to the overall well-being of our stakeholders.

Our commitment to our employees is reflected in the comprehensive benefits we provide. Our workforce enjoys free family accommodation, wholesome meals, access to healthcare, and opportunities for their children’s education. Recognizing and appreciating excellence, we also reward our top-performing employees with international holiday visits, a gesture that serves as a token of our deep appreciation.

These measures, designed to enhance employee well-being and recognition, seamlessly align with our mission of promoting a sustainable and responsible business model. Through our multifaceted initiatives, we are not only cultivating a thriving work environment but also advancing our vision of contributing to a sustainable future for our local communities and the nation at large.


International Standards and Certifications

HM Rice Mills is one of the few rice mills in Pakistan that operates in accordance with all international standards.